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Waco Tribune - Herald

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"The former Pinewood barista isn’t being disloyal, but simply doing the work needed for his deeper loves: music and songwriting. Csorba, who will perform Friday night at Balcones Distillery, will take his time away from barista-ing and outside of classes at Baylor University to do some shows across the state..."

Baylor Lariat


"Houston sophomore Thomas Csorba lives a busy life, balancing the full workload of a business major while pursuing a music career. Csorba grew up listening to many renowned singer-songwriter musicians within the folk and Americana genres, including Woody Guthrie..."

Houston Magazine

The Luck Journal

"Handsome folk and Americana singer-songwriter Thomas Csorba may have only just turned 18, but he’s been impressing fans since he released his first record a little over a year ago, while only a junior in high school. And now that the Memorial High grad..."

Single Premiere: "...Today, Csorba is releasing a stand-alone single, “Murmur Of Yearning”, with an exclusive Luck Journal premiere. We sat down with the artist to discuss the single, his Luck experience, and upcoming plans to continue kicking ass..."

WMOT Roots Radio


Thomas Csorba may be young, but his concise, yet poetic way of storytelling gives his music an element far beyond his years. 

I sat down with Thomas on an East Nashville porch on a day off from his first tour crossing the Texas border..."