“Crooked Kind of Free”

Newly Released Video w/ The Texas gentlemen


In the wake of the separation of families at our Texas/Mexico border, I’m overcome with questions of what our role is in all of this - How do we heal? How do we grow? How do we make this country a better place? Does my work have a role in that process?

I hope this song doesn't come across as a pointing finger - but, instead, as a picture of a man processing through his role in this mess we've made.

Art matters. Our voice matters. Our neighbor matters.

Read a full writeup In collaboration with The Luck Journal HERE.




Thomas Csorba put his nose to the grindstone as a songwriter and performer at a young age, but his releases don't show his youth. In the same tradition as Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie and other lyrical greats, Csorba's songs were written for old souls. His work is mournful, sweet, and beautifully honest. He's a link in a chain of a long tradition of powerful writers, and he's proud to bear that responsibility.

With the release two EPs and a full length record by age 19, Csorba has surely shown his dedication to his craft. He is currently working on his second LP with producer Beau Bedford and backing band, The Texas Gentlemen.


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